Lecture plan


For each lecture, one or two lecturers will be appointed. The lecturer has the responsibility of:

  • Preparing a presentation of the literature for the given lecture.
  • Preparing a number of questions for discussion during/after the presentation.
  • Optional: Generating one or more exercises with solution, that illustrate and give an even better understanding of the material.
  • E-mail the presentation material (and exercises) to Kristin Y. Pettersen for uploading to Blackboard by Monday morning before the lecture.

It is a main objective of the lectures to become trained in giving scientific lectures, and to have good discussions as these lead to a more thourough comprehension of the material. Although the lecturer have the responsibility of presenting the material, it is a joint responsibility for all attendants to prepare well by reading the literature in advance and participate actively in the discussions, preferably bringing their own questions for discussion.

Schedule (Subject to changes)

SyllabusBackground Material
3 16.01Introduction Course information
Reference group
Level of detail
Lemma 3.4
Theorem 4.9
Kristin Y. Pettersen
4 23.01Lyapunov stability Converse theorems
Boundedness and ultimate boundedness
Chapters 4.7 and 4.8 Colloquium
5 30.01Input-Output Stability L stability
L stability of state models
L2 gain
The small-gain theorem
Chapter 5 Colloquium
6 06.02Stability of perturbed systems Vanishing perturbation
Nonvanishing perturbation
Comparison method
Continuity of solutions on the infinite interval
Interconnected systems
Chapter 9.1 - 9.5 Joakim R. Andersen
7 13.02Perturbation theory and averaging The perturbation method
Perturbation on the infinite interval
Periodic perturbation of autonomous systems
General averaging
Chapter 10 except 10.5 Marianna Wrzos-Kaminska
9 27.02Frequency Domain Analysis of Feedback Systems Absolute stability
Circle criterion
Popov criterion
Chapter 7.1 and relevant topics from Chapter 6 Mishiga Vallabhan
10 06.03Feedback linearization Full-state feedback linearizationChapter 13 with a special emphasis on Ch. 13.3 and 13.4 Isidori: Nonlinear Control Systems, Springer-Verlag, 3rd ed., 1995.
Chapter 4
Daniel Görner
11 13.03Sliding mode control Sliding mode controlChapter 14.1Shtessel et al: Sliding mode control and observation, Birkhäuser Basel 2014
Chapter 1 and 4

L.Fridman: Sliding Mode Enforcement after 1990: Main Results and Some Open Problems, Springer 2011
Marius Ulla Hatlehol
12 20.03Backstepping BacksteppingChapter 14.3Krstic, Kanellakopoulos and Kokotovic:
Nonlinear & Adaptive Control Design, Wiley 1995.
Chapter 1-2

Adaptive backstepping:
Chapter 3-4
Dominik Zupan
13 25-29.03Antonio Loria
5 days course
Cascaded systems
Matrosov´s theorem
Lyapunov stability without Lyapunov functions
Handouts and selected papers Antonio Loria


Hassan K. Khalil, Nonlinear Systems

Alternative 1: CU Nordics Edition, ISBN 9781784490133. The book can be bought at Akademika, Gløshaugen.
Alternative 2: 3rd Edition, Prentice Hall, 2002, 1995. ISBN 9780130673893. Click here to purchase the book at Amazon.com.

Both these editions contain the same material. The CU Nordics Edition is often less expensive than the 3rd edition.
(N.B.: Check the ISBN numbers to make sure that you get the correct edition. Several different editions exist, and for instance, the 2nd edition and the International edition does not contain all the material needed in this course. Also note that the book Nonlinear Control is a different book, and does not contain the material needed in this course.)

Selected conference and journal papers, in addition to handouts, in particular in connection with Antonio Loria´s lectures.

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