TK8103 Advanced Nonlinear Systems

Hours: Wednesdays, 13.15-15.00 + Monday-Friday Week 16 (17-21. April)
Room: B337
Dates: The first colloquium will be held Wednesday 18. January, 2023, 13:15-15:00. Lecture plan.
Exam: Friday 9. June, 2023. Evaluation

Course Coordinator: Kristin Y. Pettersen (E-mail: Kristin Y. Pettersen)

Reference group:

  • Hannah Chaplin Laugaland
  • Ivan Ivanov Gushkov
  • Erling Tveter

Learning methods and activities:

  • Lectures, mandatory group work and project.

For attending students: In this course we are making use of the internet based learning program Blackboard. If you are a student attending the course, access will be given to files and more information through Blackboard.

Course content:

The course is given every year, next time in the Spring 2023. The course covers advanced topics in nonlinear control systems. The course is given in English.

Learning outcome:


  • In-depth knowledge of design and analysis of nonlinear systems.
  • Knowledge of stability analysis of perturbed nonlinear systems.
  • Knowledge of input-to-state feedback linearization.
  • Knowledge of control design using sliding mode control.
  • Knowledge of control design using control barrier functions.
  • Knowledge of analysis of cascaded systems.


  • Be able to analyse the stability properties of (perturbed) nonlinear systems and design control laws for such systems.
  • Be able to apply methods from the literature on a given case.


  • Skills in applying this knowledge and proficiency in new areas and complete advanced tasks and projects.
  • Skills in communicating extensive independent work, and master the technical terms of nonlinear system theory.
  • Ability to contribute to innovative thinking and innovation processes.

Recommended previous knowledge:

The course TTK4150 Nonlinear Control Systems or equivalent courses is a prerequisite.

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