Evaluation 2018


Your presentation material (powerpoint/beamer slides, matlab code, exercises and solutions, etc.) should be e-mailed to Kristin Y. Pettersen the Monday before your presentation. The presentation material will be evaluated as part of the examination.


  • Choose an analysis and/or control problem, preferably part of your own PhD research, for which the system is modelled by nonlinear differential equations.
  • Apply one or more of the methods from the course syllabus to your problem.
  • Write a brief project description that describes the problem and the methods you plan to use, and submit this to through Blackboard. Deadline: Tuesday 30. April 2019.
  • Project work: Weeks 2 - 22
  • Write a paper, length 2 – 6 pages, in conference format, presenting the project results, and submit this through Blackboard. Deadline: Friday 31. May 2019.


Examination in Week 23: 15 minutes student presentation of the paper/project results and 15 minutes questions/discussion.

  • Date: Friday 7. June, 2019.
  • Place: B337
  • External examiner: Esten Ingar Grøtli

You will receive an e-mail with the time for your examination the day before the examination (If you do not receive this, send an e-mail to Kristin Y. Pettersen or meet at B337 at 08.50)

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