Presentations from the Tutorial workshop on Algorithms and Hardware for Embedded Optimization at the European Control Conference 2016

What Is Different about Embedded Optimization? by Eric Kerrigan, Bulat Khusainov, George Constantinides, (Imperial College London)

Survey of Industrial Applications of Embedded Model Predictive Control by Hans Joachim Ferreau (ABB Corporate Research), Stefan Almer (ABB Schweiz AG), Helfried Peyrl (ABB Corporate Research), Juan Luis Jerez (Embotech GmbH), Alexander Domahidi (Inspire AG)

Efficient Quadratic Programming Frameworks for Industrial Embedded Model Predictive Control by Dzordzoenyenye Kwame Minde Kufoalor, Lars Imsland, Tor Arne Johansen (Norweigian University of Science & Technology)

Implicit vs Explicit MPC — Similarities, Differences and a Path towards a Unified Method by Martin Klauco and Michal Kvasnica (Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava)

Robustness Margins and Robustification of Nominal Explicit MPC by Pedro Rodriguez-Ayerbe, Sorin Olaru (CentraleSupélec)

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