TK8103 Advanced Nonlinear Systems

Hours: Wednesdays, 10.15-12.00 + Friday 17/1, 1015-1200 in room B252 + Monday-Friday Week 12 (16 - 20. March)
Room: D252
Dates: The first colloquium will be Wednesday 8. January, 09.15-10.00. Lecture plan.
Exam: Xxxday x. June, 2020. Evaluation

Course Coordinator: Tommy Gravdahl (E-mail: Tommy Gravdahl)

Reference group:

  • NN1
  • NN2
  • NN3


Learning methods and activities:

  • Lectures, mandatory group work and project.

For attending students: In this course we are making use of the internet based learning program Blackboard. If you are a student attending the course, access will be given to files and more information through the intranet.

If you do not find TK8103 in Blackboard and you have registred to attend this course, please send an e-mail to Tommy Gravdahl

Course content:

The course is given every year, next time in the Spring 2019. The course covers advanced topics in nonlinear control systems. The course is given in English.

Learning outcome:


  • In-depth knowledge of design and analysis of nonlinear systems.
  • Knowledge of input-output stability.
  • Knowledge of stability analysis of perturbed nonlinear systems.
  • Knowledge of averaging.
  • Knowledge of input-to-state feedback linearization.
  • Knowledge of control design using sliding mode and backstepping.
  • Knowledge of analysis of cascaded systems.


  • Be able to analyse the stability properties of (perturbed) nonlinear systems and design control laws for such systems.
  • Be able to apply methods from the literature on a given case.


  • Skills in applying this knowledge and proficiency in new areas and complete advanced tasks and projects.
  • Skills in communicating extensive independent work, and master the technical terms of nonlinear system theory.
  • Ability to contribute to innovative thinking and innovation processes.

Recommended previous knowledge:

The course TTK4150 Nonlinear Control Systems or equivalent courses is a prerequisite.

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