Øyvind Stavdahl


TTK4101Instrumentering og måleteknikk
(Instrumentation and Measurements)
TTK4270 Biomedisinsk instrumentering og regulering
(Biomedical instrumentation and control)
TTK4550Teknisk kybernetikk, fordypningsprosjekt
(Specialization Project, Biomedical Cybernetics)
TTK4900Teknisk kybernetikk, masteroppgave
(MSc Thesis, Biomedical Cybernetics)

Research by topic

(For PhDs and postdocs: o ongoing; c co-supervised)

Metabolic control systems

Artificial Pancreas

APT Research Group

  • Hasti Khoshamadi, PhDoc, Mathematical modelling and system identification related to Artificial Pancreas research,
  • Pallavi Patil PhDc, Meal onset detection by analysis of body sounds and other sensor modalities,
  • Sunilkumar Telagam Setti postdocc, Early meal onset detection in diabetes
  • Claudia Lopez Zazueta, postdocc 2019, Modelling, Model Reduction and Identification for Artificial Pancreas
  • Odd Martin Staal, PhD, Blood glucose dynamics: Identification, smoothing and real time estimation in free-living settings,
  • Konstanze Kölle, PhD, Towards a Safe Artificial Pancreas: Meal Detection and the Intraperitoneal Route,
  • Anders Lyngvi Fougner, postdoc 2014-2017

Oxygen Control

Snake robotics

Spin-off: Eelume AS

Analysis, Restoration and Enhancement of Human Motor Functions


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