Øyvind Stavdahl


Research by topic

(For PhDs and postdocs: o ongoing; c co-supervised)

Metabolic control systems

Artificial Pancreas

APT Research Group

  • Hasti Khoshamadi, PhDoc, Mathematical modelling and system identification related to Artificial Pancreas research,
  • Pallavi Patil PhDc, Meal onset detection by analysis of body sounds and other sensor modalities,
  • Sunilkumar Telagam Setti postdocc, Early meal onset detection in diabetes
  • Claudia Lopez Zazueta, postdocc 2019, Modelling, Model Reduction and Identification for Artificial Pancreas
  • Odd Martin Staal, PhD, Blood glucose dynamics: Identification, smoothing and real time estimation in free-living settings,
  • Konstanze Kölle, PhD, Towards a Safe Artificial Pancreas: Meal Detection and the Intraperitoneal Route,
  • Anders Lyngvi Fougner, postdoc 2014-2017

Oxygen Control

Snake robotics

Spin-off: Eelume AS

Analysis, Restoration and Enhancement of Human Motor Functions


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