Automation in Fisheries and Aquaculture

Fish and other aquatic animals constitute one of the most important sources of food in the world and the industries associated with the production and marketing of these goods have high priority in modern society.

The total industrial activity associated with the harvesting operations, aquaculture production, and product processing are subject to strict demands upon resource utilization and productivity of processes, quality of products set up by the international competition, as well as impact upon the environment. The best available technology must be employed to meet these demands. Among the key technologies that can offer progress in both productivity and quality are mechanization, instrumentation and automatic control systems - which can collectively be referred to as automation.

Fisheries and aquaculture technology have a relation to automation in much the same way as the processing and manufacturing industry and the transportation industry since standard automation equipment is being used in this sector. At the same time, many of the problems encountered in fisheries and aquaculture technology are unique to this field and demand special solutions.

The research in Automation in Fisheries and Aquaculture focuses on how automation - in a broad sense - can be applied to enhance the design and operation of marine biological production and harvesting systems. Important topics include systems biology, mathematical modelling of biological processes and production systems, aquaculture process control, marine instrumentation and aquatic telemetry.

Key Researchers

Research Programs



  • Mathematical modelling, numerical simulation and analysis of marine biological systems
  • Estimation, monitoring and control of aquaculture production processes
  • Specialised instrumentation and sensor solutions for aquaculture production processes
  • Monitoring and control of fish behaviour with application to new aquaculture concepts
  • Marine instrumentation and observation technology
  • Aquatic telemetry

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