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TK 8109 Advanced Topics in Guidance and Navigation

The course is given Fall 2018


  • Professor Thor I. Fossen (NTNU)

NTNU students, please use Blackboard for communication and educational materials.

Description: Advanced guidance and navigation methods for underwater vehicles, ships, aircraft and spacecraft. This also includes autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Classical guidance principles (line-of-sight methods, pure pursuit, etc.) and path planning (Dubins path, clothoids, etc.), Extended Kalman filters (EKFs) and nonlinear observers for sensor fusion and navigation. INS aiding techniques including GNSS position, RTK GNSS, pseudo-range and rate measurements and camera measurements (optical flow). Loosely and tighly coupled integration filters using Lyapunov methods and the eXogenous Kalman Filter (XKF). Mulitplicative Extended Kalman Filter (MEKF) and Lyapunov-based nonlinear observers for attitude estimation. Topological restrictions and estimation on SO(3). The course is divided into three modules.

Prerequisites: TTK 4105 Control Engineering, TTK 4115 Linear Systems Theory and TTK 4150 Nonlinear Control Systems or similar.

Module 1: Strapdown Inertial Navigation

Strapdown inertial navigation systems (INS) aided by camera measurements and global navigation
satellite systems (GNSS). Nonlinear Lyapunov-based observer design, sensor fusion and stability.
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Module 2: Path Planning

Dubins path, clothoids, Pythagorean hodographs, Voronoi diagrams, parametrization of curves,
collision avoidance.

Compulsory text:

  • Tsourdos, A. et al. (2010). Cooperative Path Planning of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. (Chapters 1,2 and 4).
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Module 3: Guidance Principles

Line-of-sight methods, constant bearing and pure pursuit. Path-following control, path tracking and
path maneuvering. Compensation of drift forces.

Compulsory text:

  • Aguiar, A. P. and J. P. Hespanha (2007). Trajectory-tracking and path-following of underactuated autonomous vehicles with parametric modeling uncertainty. IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control, Vol. 52, No. 8, 2007, pp. 1362–1379.
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