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TTK4145: Course Description
Course Description
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Instructor Associate Professor Sverre Hendseth, room D-231
Course Contents Programming formalisms for real-time systems; POSIX, Ada, Java and occam/Google Go. Threads/processes, synchronization and communication. Shared variable-based synchronization and resource control. Fault Tolerance, availability and consistency. Message-based synchronization, CSP and formal methods. Exercises and project.
Learning Outcome The student will achieve thorough knowledge/proficiency in the following topics:
  • Design and developement of real-time software.
  • Common mistakes in real-time programming.
  • Synchronization mechanisms like semaphores and monitors.
  • Messagebased synchronization.
  • Error handling and fault tolerance.
  • Availability and consistency in systems with more threads/processes.
The student will achieve knowledge in the following topics:
  • Google Go/CSP
  • Ada
  • Formal methods and use of analysis tools for real-time systems.
Learning Methods and Activities Lectures and problem sets/project. The final grade is based on a portfolio evaluation. The parts of the portfolio are: The final written exam, which counts for 75% and the project, which counts for 25%. The result for each part is given in percentage units, while evaluation of the entire portfolio (the final grade) is given as a letter. If there is a re-sit examination, the examination form may change from written to oral.
Compulsory assignments Exercises and project
Pre-requisites A basic knowledge of the C programming language and software design or UML is recommended. Proficiency in at least one programming language and thorough knowledge of computers and operating systems.
Course materials Alan Burns and Andy Wellings: Real-Time Systems and Programming Languages. Other litterature may be announced at the start of the semester.
Mid-term Exam No mid-term exam
Exam 4 hours. Examination Aids: D (No printed or hand-written material allowed. Simple calculator is permitted.)


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