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The Norwegian Board of Technology has issued a report to the Norwegian Government (Stortinget) with a recommendation that Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) is an important enabling technology that should be further developed and used in the Arctic region. Important responsibilities include search and rescue, ice surveillance and environmental monitoring. The department of Engineering Cybernetics and AMOS at NTNU has Arctic applications of UAVs on their research agenda.

Read the short report of the Norwegian Board of Technology (in Norwegian)
Read the complete version of the report (in Norwegian)
The Norwegian TV station NRK covered the report as well (in Norwegian)

The Control Systems Research Group get the highest possible evaluation grade

An international committee has in 2012 on behalf of the Research Council of Norway conducted an evaluation of basic research in information and communication technology in Norway. The Control systems (CS) research group at Department of Engineering Cybernetics get the best grade and is characterized as a world leader in research.

The Report is available on the Research Council's web pages.

Best Paper Award and Best Presentation Award

Best Presentation Award Best Paper Award Kristoffer Nyborg Gregertsen og Amund Skavhaug won the Best Paper Award at 17th International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies (Ada-Europe 2012). The award was given for the paper «Improving the Performance of Execution Time Control by Using a Hardware Time Management Unit».

After having won the Best Paper Award, Kristoffer Gregertsen followed this up with also winning the best presentation award, which was won for the last three years in a row by prof. Alan Burns.

Dr. Øyvind Nistad Stamnes Receives the Best Student Paper Award at the 2011 IEEE Multi-Conference on Systems and Control

Øyvind Nistad Stamnes The award was given for the paper «Adaptive estimation of downhole pressure for managed pressure drilling operations» (by Øyvind Nistad Stamnes, Glenn-Ole Kaasa and Ole Morten Aamo), whose abstract is given below. The work is part of the «Automatic Managed Pressure Drilling» project at ITK, which is funded by Statoil ASA and the Norwegian Research Council. Dr. Stamnes defended his PhD dissertation on this topic in May, and currently works for Ocean Riser Systems AS in Oslo.

The objective of Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) is to enable precise control of the downhole pressure during drilling and completion operations. An essential part of an automated MPD control system is the downhole pressure estimator, usually referred to as the hydraulic model, which in most cases is the limiting factor for achievable accuracy of the system. In this paper we present a new design of an adaptive observer for online estimation of the downhole pressure in the well. Unlike conventional hydraulic models, which are based on complex partial differential equations, the adaptive observer is based on a simplified lumped model of ordinary differential equations, combined with online adaptation that tunes uncertain model parameters utilizing topside measurements. We demonstrate that the novel adaptive observer design captures the important hydraulics of MPD operations with high accuracy, and fundamentally improves the convergence rate of the parameter estimates by using delayed observers. The results are demonstrated on field data from an offshore MPD operation.

Adjunct Professors Glenn-Ole Kaasa and John-Morten Godhavn received Best Application Paper Prize at the IFAC World Congress in Milano, September 2011

Intelligent Drilling
At the IFAC World Congress in Milano in September 2011, which is a major event with more than 2000 participants from the whole world held only every third year, the prestigious Best Application Paper Prize was given for the paper Drilling Seeking Automatic Control Solutions. Adjunct Professors Glenn-Ole Kaasa and John-Morten Godhavn received the prize together with their colleagues Alexey Pavlov and Nils Lennart Rolland at Statoil. Intelligent automated drilling is a quickly emerging research area, and The Department of Engineering Cybernetics was recently awarded a major research project by the Research Council of Norway to investigate new solutions for automation of underbalanced drilling together with Statoil, IRIS and the Department of Petroleum Engineering.

According to the jury the prize was given for the design and implementation of a model based control system for pressure controlled drilling (MPD - Managed Pressure Drilling ), and the work that was done with testing a full scale drilling rig on Ullrigg in November 2009.

This is a price which hang very high internationally. IFAC World Congress is the largest international conference on automatic control, and is held every third years. Approximately 2500 papers were presented in 26 parallel sessions over 5 days. Of these, over 300 industry-paper could have been nominated for this award.

Foto: From left Alexey Pavlov, Alberto Isidori and John-Morten Godhavn
Foto: From left Alexey Pavlov, Alberto Isidori and John-Morten Godhavn

IBM OCR Award 2011

Bjarne Foss and NTNU's Center for Integrated Operations is awarded IBM OCR Award 2011. This award is given to 10-15 people / groups internationally each year. The price is $ 100,000 and the background for the award are the good results in cooperation between Bjarne Foss / IO Center and the IBM Watson Reseach Center (New York). Vidar Gunnerud has been central to this work. Bjarne Foss / IO Center has received this award in both 2010 and 2011, which is unusual and positive.

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