Engineering Cybernetics

Engineering Cybernetics is the interdisciplinary study and automatic control of dynamic systems like aircraft, marine craft, robots, automotive systems, electrical circuits, biological systems, process plants, etc. and their behavior. Cybernetics is closely related to control theory and systems theory. This includes the principles of feedback control and associated stability analysis.

Methods that are central for the research at the department include:

  • Optimization based control and estimation, including model predictive control
  • Nonlinear control and estimation
  • Identification, and adaptive control and estimation
  • Modeling and analysis of dynamical systems

Research Groups

Research Group Main Research Fields
Control systems (CS)

  • Motion Control Systems (autonomous systems, robotics, inertial navigation systems and sensor fusion, mechanical systems, marine craft, spacecraft, automotive systems, unmanned vehicles)
  • Process Control Systems (oil and gas production, new energy systems, control of process plants)

Industrial computer and instrumentation systems (ICIS)

Research Programs

The department participates in several research projects. Some of these are:

Former Research Programs


Cristin (Current Research Information system) is a nationwide database system for research results and documentation, housing journal articles, books and chapters, reports, conference submissions, as well as discipline based presentations, etc.

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